LCG Article on Job

John H Ogwyn of LCG wrote “Study Topic: Seven lessons from the book of Job”.  While not as comprehensive as some of the other articles I have posted about this week, it still has some excellent points.

The ending of Job is sort of a mystery in many respects.  A lot of Job’s questions are not directly answered.  Ogwyn writes:

Humanly, we like everything to be neatly pigeon— holed. We want the world and the events in it to make sense. But in trying to give an explanation for everything we sometimes miss the point. This is the way it was for Job’s friends.

…There are many whys that we will never know in this life. Acceptance that the why may prove elusive sets the stage for a fifth vital lesson from the book of Job.

Indeed, there is always the question of whether Job ever did find out about the conversations between God and Satan or if this was divinely inspired by the author after Job’s death.

Yet, as Ogwyn points out, Job persevered in trusting God.

A worthwhile read.

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