Parents Support Cheating

MSNBC posted an article on 5 June 2009 about how an Ohio “School catches cheaters, cancels graduation”.  The school discovered a “cheating scheme so pervasive” that it cancelled graduation rather than honor those who participated in the cheating, either by cheating themselves or covering for others who did.

Superintendent Dorothy Holden said the district had to take a stand and let students know that cheating can’t be tolerated.

"I am alarmed that our kids can think that in society it’s OK to cheat, it’s a big prank, it’s OK to turn away and not be a whistle-blower, not come forth," Holden said.

It is a sad sign of the times that students would think that this type of behavior is OK.  However, even sadder is that some parents just don’t get it.

Some parents angry about the cancellation are organizing an unofficial graduation ceremony.

Jeanette Lamb, whose son is a senior at the school, asked the Centerburg School Board to reconsider its decision to cancel graduation. The board declined.

"At that point I did tell them that commencement would continue, it will be at the park, I will put it together and their presence wasn’t welcome," Lamb told WTVN radio in Columbus. Lamb said parents and members of the community have offered help.

And, we wonder why our youth has gone so far astray.  How can we expect ethical youth when the parents themselves have no ethical backbone and no sense of morality?

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