What You Don’t Know About Condoms Can Hurt You

It’s time that celebrities and health officials quit lying to people. AIDS can kill. Chlamydia can make women sterile. HPV, for which condoms provide no protection, can scar a woman so bad she cannot become pregnant. That is not safe!

“What you don’t know can’t hurt you” is one of the stupidest sayings we have in the US. Not only can what a lack of knowledge hurt you, but it can even kill you. If you do not know about the oncoming car and you step out from the curb, you can be seriously injured or killed. The only 100% way to be safe is to pay attention, wait for the signal and wait for all traffic to stop.

Sex is the same way. The UCG YouTube video “Safe Sex” dares to ask the question, “Is there such a thing as safe sex?” Like staying out of the street except under protective and sanctioned conditions, the only “safe sex’” is in a monogamous relationship within the confines of marriage. Nothing else is 100% effective.

Condoms are not the answer. Even the NIH admits that condoms do not provide 100% protection! Even AIDS can be spread if you use condoms 100% of the time! What is so “safe” about that? See this short but pull-no-punches video from an apparently Catholic source:

Yet, remember that Pope Benedict XVI was criticized earlier this year because On Africa trip, pope says condoms won’t solve AIDS? After that, Condom campaigners protest at the Vatican against Pope’s Aids comments in spite of admissions by the CDC and FDA that only abstinence is 100% effective even if condoms are used correctly.

It’s time to be honest about sex. Instead of propaganda and lies, we should be telling our young people the truth: The only 100% safe method of sex is abstinence for both people until marriage!

It is time we quit with the social experimentation and admit that God, Who created us, knows more about us than we could possibly know. He loves us and wants the best for us. That’s why He imposed limits on sex. He gave us sex because He wants us to enjoy a close and loving relationship with another human being. We limit ourselves and our enjoyment of those relationships when we disobey.

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