Fertility Technology Without Morals

We are all familiar with the “octo-mom” by now. I got tired of listening to a radio station pan her today, so I turned the station. It isn’t that I have any belief that she is virtuous, but rather I don’t care much for that type of gossip and I’m sick of it anyhow.

Yet, it ties in with some other things going on. MSNBC article “When fertility treatments become frightening” points out something that few are probably aware of. It is common practice to implant a few embryos during IVF treatments because they don’t always take or they develop other complications. The article starts out describing someone who after years of trying ends up with 6 babies growing inside of her. “Octo-mom” probably is more common than we think. However, many do not go on to full term because the doctor will perform a “reduction”.

Yes, a “reduction” is another word for an abortion. In trying to create life, the fertility industry is destroying life.

Human nature has always skewed morality. Human beings have an amazing tendency to justify their actions. New technologies, however, introduce strange wrinkles into the equation with equally strange justifications.

Many embryos created for IVF are kept frozen until they are no longer wanted. Some feel it is “ethical” to kill them for research. The ends justify the means.

The Today show interviewed Marissa Evans, a Texas mother who asked to harvest her dead son’s sperm so she could have grandchildren from him. The story by Mike Celtic can be found at “Mother defends harvesting dead son’s sperm“. I suppose it is a technicality that makes this not incest.

Technology makes everything easier. Technology makes skewing morality easier.

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