Torture Impractical as Well as Immoral

More proof that conservatism in general has lost its way in this country seemed to receive little fanfare in the news.

The Washington Post put up an article on 29 March 2009 entitled “Detainee’s Harsh Treatment Foiled No Plots“. This shows the folly of the argument that “harsh interrogation methods”, a PC way of saying “torture”, are “needed”. Abu Zubaida was described by President George W Bush as “al-Qaeda’s chief of operations”. Yet, the article shows that most of the information he gave was just giving the interrogators what they wanted to hear, and most of it was false information.

Torture is unbiblical. It is immoral, and now it is found to be impractical.

We had a “Christian” president who condoned lies and torture to the American public. His saber rattling was not at all reflective of being harmless as a dove. Once, he was viewed as the promise of returning some dignity back to the office of President after the scandals of the Clinton era. However, it turned out to be another broken promise.

God told Israel He would not drive out the Canaanites because of their disobedience (Jdg 2:20-23). They would have to fight for the land themselves. How did He “prove” Israel? By war (3:1-4)!

If we would repent, if we would cry out to God and turn from our sins, we could regain the blessings lost by our decadence and selfishness. We would not have to spend billions of dollars and spread our armed forces thin. How much would that help our economy right now?

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