America in Decline, but I Repeat Myself

I don't always repeat myself, but when I do, I don't always repeat myself. But when I do, I don't always repeat myself.

We live in interesting times.

I remember the shock that some had in 2016 when they realized that there is such a thing as an Electoral College. It really shows me how postmodern education has let down society. We are in an age of ignorance and decay, and heading towards an oligarchy, where a strong man will stand up to still the chaos. People will trade their freedoms for security, as they did in ancient Rome.

Coincidentally (?), I came across an earlier article “Governments of Men” with a link to a video. I suggest taking a look at it as everyone tries to figure out what happened, why it happened and where we are going. It is more fit for the times than when it was previously published.

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