Back Up … Just In Time to Get Sick

So, yeah, the website crashed — hard. I had been trying to move it to another updated platform for some time, but I always hit a snag. Even this time, email was giving me fits. Sometimes it is the older technologies, like email, that present the biggest headaches. It is truly bubblegum and paperclips.

So, I got it back up today, and I started cleaning some things up. All just in time to come down with a case of bronchitis. I have a lot to do behind the scenes, and I was hoping this post would outline some big changes, but that is going to have to wait. Having said that, I hope to start posting again next week.

Take care all, and keep the faith.


  1. John, I have been a baptized member of the WCG since 1962. I have served the body of Christ by offering online meetings for those who have nowhere to attend and since I recently retired from my commercial business of designing, hosting and marketing websites for contractors I am now helping out those small groups who need help with the internet or their websites.
    You obviously need a much better server. Your site is painfully slow and that knocks down your ratings with the Search Engines like Google.
    I have a high speed, highly secure server that can do a many times faster job with your site. It is built to be especially good with WordPress sites which we specialize in.
    If it is a money problem you can have it free if needed and my guys can help you move your site easily.
    Give me a call any time and lets talk maybe I can be of help.
    Raymond Mills
    Church of God Community Web

    • Thanks for the offer, but it is definitely a software issue. I have a similar VPS, albeit it does even more, and it runs much better than this one. I just got this site stablized, to be honest, as it was crashing every other day, but now I need to do some serious fixing of the database and rebuild it.

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