God Works Only Through One Man?: British Israel Church of God

Some believe that God works only through one man. Is this biblical? British Israel Church of God (BICOG) wrote a paper on this.

The BICOG asks in the PDF publication “Does God only work through One Man at a time?” some important questions:

Some Churches of God Believe today what Herbert W Armstrong taught, that God only works through one man at a time. HWA preached this in the church of God and that he was an Apostle and God was only “working” through him. Is this true? Does God only work through one man at a time? What does your Bible say?

I certainly like the conclusion:

This doctrine of God working through one man actually hinders the work from growing and becoming larger than it is, because people feel they have no part. God is working with all of us, and all of us must be involved no matter how small or large the role God gives to us.

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