Post-Brexit Look at Prophecy Moving Forward: 2 Prophetic Trends We Can’t Ignore – Life, Hope & Truth

Life Hope & Truth recently posted a good article on two prophetic trends that we cannot ignore in the face of the Brexit:

Major shifts are occurring around the world that will affect your life. Here are two prophetically significant trends you need to be aware of.
Source: Prophecy Moves Forward: 2 Prophetic Trends We Can’t Ignore – Life, Hope & Truth

In addition, we were pretty insulated from any real news about the Brexit right up until just a couple of weeks prior to this, so there is a historical flow leading up to a post-Brexit look at prophecy that many Americans may have missed. Like any political entity, the EU has strife, backdoor deals and all of the rest. Even if it did not, certainly speeches like this one from Nigel Farage* are not going to make any friends in Europe real soon:
* Title is YouTube’s not mine.
It is certainly obvious that there is no love-loss on the EU side for the most part.

Having said that, there have been some interesting developments. Angela Merkel’s mentor, former Chancellor Helmut Kohl, has cautioned against slamming the door on Britain.
Meanwhile, there are several reports about Merkel desiring to put more money into NATO because of fears that Russia might become more aggressive with what could be perceived as a weaker EU.
While we cannot anticipate all details as things unfold, we do know the end game. The return of Jesus Christ is a surety, and that really is the best hope for all of mankind.

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