Security Cranked Up Again

Last night, there were once again some unusual spikes of activity on the website, so I’ve done a couple of things to guard against what has become an ongoing trend on the web, I’m afraid. Some of it was legitimate traffic that happened to occur around the same time, so not all changes I made were necessarily security related. I will have to monitor the website for signs of abatement, as some changes mean more dollars going to the website infrastructure rather than content related items.
In other news, I seem to be on the upswing health-wise as allergy season passes. I’m hoping it will give me the boost I need to turn out more content and automate the technicalities a little more. Moving to the current infrastructure has taught me a lot, but it has cost a lot in time, needless to say. However, I was getting nowhere with support at the previous provider, as they just simply could not seem to grasp the concept of content management spam and the need to block it.
In any event, feel free to contact me via the web form if any issues arise. If you cannot get to the web form, try the temporary address cog.jdcns AT (replace the ‘ AT ‘ including spaces with ‘@’, natch). This address will go away once the number of emails has surpassed a given number.

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