“Doctor” Thiel Responds

COGWriter Bob Thiel is a seriously delusional character.

COGWriter Bob Thiel emailed me the following. I am following it up with my response for reasons contained within that response:

Dear John:
I just ran across a post you made about me calling me a liar and claiming that I do not correct errors.
For the two decades I have posted on the internet, I have always corrected factual errors when brought to my attention.
If you feel that there is something I have not corrected, please give me proper details, as opposed to your opinions. You could have contacted me directly about this. You are bearing false witness by referring to me as a liar, etc.
The fact that you disagree with some of my opinions does not justify what you did. Please remove that post.
And, yes, I have a Ph.D. and Th.D. among other degrees. The Th.D. is in Christian Apologetics, with a speciality of Early Church History.
Bob Thiel

No, I will not remove that post. It is ironic that you claim you do not know the specifics of where you are wrong when one of the complaints in that post are that you don’t even bother to carefully read things to ensure an accurate understanding. I specifically point out one area where you are wrong, but your narcissism will not allow you to see it.
No, I will not contact you privately because you will quote me out of context and/or twist its meaning, so this way everyone will openly see the entire exchange in public.  Your entire blog is just like James Malm’s, twisting what others have said to fit your agenda. The only difference is that sometimes you are more subtle about it.
You yourself stated that your PhD was not in Theology. If that has changed, then so be it.  However, I know it will go above your head the fact that this makes you an even smaller man that even I could have imagined. Please, tell us, Dr Thiel, why do false teachers have such a love for strings of titles? After all, there are worldly religious figures I respect more than you, who themselves are doctors, but they do not obscure it with a long list of irrelevant and superfluous other degrees, studies and titles.
I will make sure that there is a link to this article from that article just to clear up the matter, however. After all, unlike you, I am a man of some character and do not go out of my way to twist words to make it appear that someone said something other than what they truly said.
If you really want that article taken down, then I suggest your repent of your narcissistic slander and admit:

  1. You are not a real prophet of God. In fact, you aren’t even a prophet, but merely a purveyor of what others have churned out as “prophecies”.
  2. That there is such a thing as dual prophecy, and HWA taught it. Therefore, an event can be fulfilled in the past and again in the future.
  3. That just because someone says ten nations will come together in the future, that does not necessarily mean that it is ten nations as now exists. In fact, the COG has long taught that the ten toes could be ten nations or ten groups of nations, such as how in WWII Germany swallowed up Austria and other regions yet was considered one nation.
  4. That you have intentionally twisted words from LCG’s and COGWA’s to make it appear that #2 and #3 are false.
  5. That you have intentionally manipulated the words of a minister who anointed you because you were seeking a specific confirmation for what your heart lusted after.

Because, until you can do this, I will not even consider taking down that post. People must be warned about the false teacher that you are.
Make no mistake about it, God will judge between me and thee.


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  2. Thiel did respond, BTW. Here is what he said:

    On 09/14/2015 22:29, Cogwriter@aol.com wrote:
    > You are in my prayers.

    It is obvious that he is consoling himself that he gave a “gracious” answer, when it reality it shows the hardness of his heart and the depth of his narcissism that will not allow him to admit he is wrong. After all, God’s “prophet” cannot be wrong, and since he is God’s prophet, he is never wrong.

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