Are You a Donald Trump?

The "ugly American" syndrome?

The “ugly American” syndrome?

During the 60s and 70s, there was a term for clueless US citizens who traveled abroad. The term for such a person was “the ugly American”. I had not thought about that term in many years, but his xenophobic rants about Mexican immigrants brought it to the surface once again.
This is not an article about immigration. In fact, I think the whole immigration policy, if you can actually call the ever-changing patchwork of unrelated rules and laws such a thing, needs to be scrapped and started over. Until we acknowledge that need, there can never be any progress towards anything that resembles reality.
No, but the real question I want to ask: Is Donald Trump a good leader? Is he fit to be president?
One thing about “the Donald”, though: Just when you thought he could not get either worse or more outrageous, he turns around and does just that. Some say he could not get any lower than when he slammed John McCain for being captured. I disagree. The Donald will find a way to get even lower. It’s just a matter of time.
I cannot help but wonder since when did being argumentative, outlandish and totally clueless become desirable traits for a president? For any leader?
For any Christian?
After all, aren’t we supposed to leaders in Christ’s Kingdom?
And yet, how many shoot off their mouths, criticizing others cluelessly and cannot even acknowledge that they may be not only wrong but seriously wrong both in their doctrine and in how they portray those who do not agree with them?
Some will even criticize a dead man mercilessly, and I truly mean they do so without any shred of mercy whatsoever. I dunno. I was taught by my grandmother that criticizing the dead was a bad idea, seeing as they aren’t around to defend themselves. Frankly, some people just could not get any lower.
And yet, when I hear or see Donald Trump, it is easy to see an attitude of criticism, controversy, self-exaltation, arrogance and judgementalism that parallels some so-called teachers in the COG arena.
Why do people follow them? I don’t know. Why do they follow Donald Trump? I don’t know that either.
Is Donald Trump a good leader? Is he fit to be president?
Are you a good leader? Are you fit to be something greater than a president? From where do you get your cues?

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