COGWriter Clarifies King of the South Position

I received an email from COGWriter Bob Thiel clarifying his position on the King of the South.

In all due respect, I do not teach that [the King of the South is militant/extremist Islam]. James Malm claims that I do, but that is not what I teach. But he has not shown that he cares much for accuracy.

Anyway, I teach that the king of the South will be composed of nations in the Middle East and North Africa that currently are dominated by Islam.  I also teach that because of ‘extreme Islam,’ the West and others are encouraging a coalition of related nations that could result in the formation of the king of the South.  This is because the West tends to believe an Islamic dominated confederation can better control ‘extreme Islam.’

So, in fact, we are closer to agreement than a few of his previous statements indicated (see previous comments on 3 January 2014 where this discrepancy was discussed).

I pressed the issue further about how we all need to have clarity in our language, else misunderstandings will continue.  In particular, I pressed the issue that the King of the South is not an organization or group or nation but a person.

Yes, I believe that the King of the South is a man, who will rule a confederation of nations currently dominated by Islam.  Sometimes I sometimes refer to the entire kingdom as the King of the South, but have also felt that there would be one king.

Sorry, for any misunderstanding.

So, whatever disagreements we may have on various issues, at least here we have a little more agreement.

Notice, too, that he states “currently dominated by Islam”, which is a far cry from Malm’s insistence that Thiel believes that militant Islam is the King of the South.

In the end, religion will play a role in the consolidation of nations into a one-world government.  That pretty much sums up the Great Harlot of Revelation.  However, exactly how that ties into the initial cooperation and then revolt of the King of the South remains to be seen, although events leading up to the King of the North sweeping into the Promised Land and proclaiming himself as “God” probably means a severe disillusionment of the King of the South’s alliance with what will be occurring in Europe.

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