The American Nazis Say Torture Is OK

Americans have a knee-jerk reaction to comparisons to Hitler and the Nazis, but we have proven we really are no better.

Michael Hayden Himmler thinks torture is OK, even for his own family

Michael Hayden Himmler thinks torture is OK, even for his own family

It is often hard to imagine the world becoming more depraved. That is, it is difficult to believe until it actually occurs. The United States, once a champion of freedom and the individual is now the largest champion of slavery of the lower classes (which now includes what is left of the middle class) and the interests of the rich and powerful.

It’s sad.  Adolf Hitler’s Germany had abortion.  We have abortion.  The Nazis spied on their own citizens.  We spy on our own citizens.  The Nazis waged a propaganda campaign against whomever disagreed with them.  Our politicians routinely wage a war of words, often which are based upon false premises, and call each other names loaded with emotional baggage. The Nazis rallied under their hatred of several groups, even dehumanizing them and submitting them to slave labor, torture and death.  Abu Ghraib and other sites were concentration camps submitting people to torture and death.

We literally are no better morally as a nation than Nazi Germany was.

If you believe the narrative of the lamestream media, and some are lamer than others, the protests in Ferguson, MO are all about race. That is wrong. Al Sharpton’s involvement proves it is not about race, for he only involves himself long enough to make it about race regardless of any facts. Statements by Michael Brown’s mother prove it is not about race. Consider why so many who were marching were white (although the “news” media seems to ignore them).  Even Fox News, which tries but often fails to distinguish itself from the others, has more or less caved in to the “it’s about race” propaganda.

It is, however, about class. It is, however, about disenfranchisement. Occupy was about disenfranchisement. Even the Tea Party was originally about disenfranchisement. People do not believe the government has their interests mind. More to the point, people are beginning to see and believe that the government elites are a huge part of the problem.

We have not had righteous leadership in this country in a very long time, and now people more than ever have reason to feel even more disenfranchised. The truth has come out about the callous traitors that are in charge. They are traitors to their constituents, their country and the Constitution of the United States. It is OK to torture even US citizens if caught abroad, and traitors like FBI Director James Comey want to burn the Constitution whenever it gets in their way, in spite of their lies when they pledged to uphold the Constitution when they were sworn into office.  Is there any wonder why people protest and even riot?

It is time to be frank. The Church has always taught about the danger of Europe and the resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire, but it also has always taught that this would be preceded by a chaotic time of moral decline in this country.  While we rightly decry the moral decline of western nations, the honest truth is that the past couple of decades have been somewhat peaceful in comparison on the national front (although we’ve been waging quite a few wars on the international front).  However, discontent has been brewing under the surface for quite some time, and even perhaps the entire time, and not all of it is unjustified.

I’m not excusing bad behavior, but now I wonder whose behavior is worst. It took me three tries to get through a blog post on Quintessential Leadership on “Unquintessential Leadership All the Way Around: Terror, Torture, and Treachery” because it cuts to the heart of the matter, and this was on my mind already, but also because I was also watching Unfilter Show on Jupiter Broadcasting.

The Unfilter Show is not a program I agree with on too many points, but even when I do not, there is usually something to think about. I cannot recommend it because of the language they use. I did try to clean it up a bit and only put together the relevant parts.

I don’t recommend watching it with kids present regardless, for nothing I’ve cut is more disgusting than the actual details in the news stories themselves. In fact, the interview with Michael Hayden was jaw-dropping.  He also was NSA Directory 1999 to 2005, during which time they began setting up their Big Brother-esque programs that wasn’t fully revealed until Eric Snowden came on the scene.  Long story short, he does not care about you or me.  He does not care about your privacy.  He does not care if you and your children are tortured.  In fact, this video illustrates he doesn’t even care if his own family were tortured!!!!  He is a fascist, just as Heinrich Himmler was a fascist, heading up the secret police that spied on German citizens among others under Hitler’s reign.

This is used without permission, BTW, so it may or may not last:


Do you get it yet?  Do you finally understand why the entire human experience is about authority and not just government?  Do you understand why governing our own selves while submitting to God’s Law and authority becomes the number 1 priority for a real Christian?  Because if you don’t get it yet, perhaps you are not.

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