A Different Blogger on Conspiracy Theories and Truth

Alex Jones, conspiracy theorist extraordinaire

I’ve only recently subscribed to the Truth Sower blog. I’m not sure who the author is, but they seem to be associated with one of the Church of God organizations. A recent post aligns quite well with some of my own recent posts. In “Is there a danger to conspiracy theories?“, they write something I have found to be unfortunately all too true:

One thing that’s easy to notice about conspiracy theorists is just how strongly attached they can become to particular conspiracy theories. Even though they are called “conspiracy theories”, it’s easy to find the conspiracy theorist that treats them like “conspiracy facts”. It gets to the point that, even in the face of obvious evidence against their theories, they’ll continue to seek evidence for their theories, when a more objective individual will weigh evidence and come to a conclusion that the rest of us would consider obvious.

They also point out that it is pretty strange how the more facts you present to contradict their ideas, the more “fact” they seem to come up with to cling to their fantasies.

Unfortunately, the same people who seem to be prone to fallacies like conspiracy theories also seem to be prone to believing the ideological fantasies of false teachers and prophets.

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