Who Says Turkey Is Part of the King of the South Confederation?

Yelling doesn’t make it more true.

You can say it in ALL CAPS, italics, bold or even different colors while stamping your feet, but all that does is get you attention.  If it isn’t true, then it isn’t true, and it is weird that some are so bent on lying for Jesus.

What do most of the larger Church of God groups teach about Turkey in prophecy?  As it turns out, not a whole lot!  Phrases like “at the crossroads” between east and west, “mentioned in the prophecy”, and even “will apparently align with the European power” say nothing close to Turkey being part of the actual confesderacy headed up by the King of the South that is prophesied to come.

It will, however, be part of a confederacy against Israel, says COGWA, referring to Ps 83:4-5.  It will, as the COGWA article points out, escape retaliation by the King of the North along with Moab (Da 11:41), although they do not mention Ammon (Jordan).

CCOG goes as far to say Turkey will actually ally with Europe!  LCG is a little more like nailing Jello to the wall, but I suspect they believe the same as CCOG, else Bob Thiel would be sure to mention this little difference between his group and LCG.

UCG’s article “Turkey at the Crossroads” goes to great lengths to show how Turkish culture is a mix of east and west, and many people there are downright secular.  Turkey is a member of NATO, but it seems that they are somewhat the unwanted, different colored haired stepchild where the EU is concerned.

So, who says Turkey will be part of the King of the South’s confederation?  Who?  Sources, please!

Look, if someone has a legitimate disagreement over interpretation, that is one thing.  However, twisting a position only to knock it down is the standard strawman argument, and only the lazy and simple-minded are fooled by the lies.

Anyone can get out a map (or just look above) and get an appreciation of the difficulty that Turkey is in.  It is sandwiched between east and west and between Europe and the Middle East.  This gave it great power when New Rome, later Constantinople, was established there as the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire.  Once the center of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, the seven churches of Revelation were there.  After becoming the Ottoman Empire, Islam overtook Christianity, and that is the dominant religion today.  Turkey has no official state religion, however.

In spite of the rising number of the population identifying itself as either religiously or politically Islamic, Turkey has a foot in the door of Europe, is a member of NATO and in history allied itself with the West against the Soviet Union in WWII to the extent that it agreed to defend Allied Mediterranean territory.

Now, Turkey finds itself rebuffed constantly by the EU and now even offended by recent remarks by the US Vice President.  When you think about it all, Turkey is almost being forced to align itself more as Middle Eastern than European.  It is caught between two coming giants.

I don’t see it being an official part of either power base, although I could be mistaken.  However, given its past and given prophecy, it seems more likely that it will somewhat align itself with the King of the North, much as it was mostly neutral but did provide a buffer for the West during WWII.  Because of its passive cooperation, the King of the North will reward them by not invading them.

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