Dates of Deaths of Apostles


This might seem like a morbid subject (and it is!), but this is some background material for something I’m working on.  I’ve changed my mind about a couple of projects I was working on, and this will give me a timeline to work from for a new one.  One of the interesting things about this chart is how many of the disciples were killed before 70 AD.  I feel that is significant, although I cannot give an honest reason why it would be more than coincidence at the moment.

I should point out that most of these are based upon legend and hearsay.  The Bible records the deaths of Judas Iscariot, Stephen and James the son of Zebedee, but not much else.  Some of the estimates span a decade even, and many of them have conflicting traditions, perhaps from the earnest desire of some to have the notoriety of an apostle dying in their hometown.

Other than that, there isn’t much to say, I suppose.


Apostle Name Amazing Bible Timeline BibleNest Ultimate Riddles Various Foxe’s Book of Martyrs
Simon Peter 67-68, crucified by Nero
Andrew unknown 60, Patrae in Achaia Edessa
James Zebedee 44, by Herod Agrippa 44, beheaded 44, beheaded by Herod Agrippa
John Zebedee 89-90, imprisoned at Patmos
Philip unknown, Hierapolis 54, Heliopolis, Phrygia 54, Heliopolis
Bartholomew unknown India 68, Armenia
Thomas Unknown, perhaps Peria or India India 72, Chennai
Matthew Post 50, perhaps Ethiopia 60, Nadabah, India 60, Nadabah 60, Nadabah
James Alphaeus Unknown, perhaps Jerusalem (aged 94), stoned and beaten at Jerusalem (therefore, must’ve been before 70 AD)
Lebbaeus Thaddaeus (aka Judas) Unknown, perhaps Persia 72, Edessa 72, crucified Edessa
Simon Zelotes unknown 74, Britain 74, crucified Britain
Judas Iscariot 31 AD, suicide
Matthias unknown Jerusalem 63, Jerusalem stoned and beheaded at Jerusalem
Paul 68, executed but not by crucifixion Beheaded in Rome 67, beheaded in Rome
Stephen 34, Jerusalem
James, brother of Jesus 62-69, Jerusalem
Barnabas 61, Cyprus 73



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