Some Thoughts on Russia and the Kings of the East


Image by TeaN, used under CCA

So, what of Russia?  Will it be the “top dog” in the coming coalition of the prophesied kings of the east (Rev 16:12)?  My answer is, “No, it will not be the most powerful member of that coalition.”

Before I move on to what is purely my opinion and speculation rather than doctrine, just in case it isn’t obvious (and history teaches us that people like to jump on pure speculations as “prophecies”), I would like to point out that the poll is still open.  Also, it should now tell you if you are not logged in.  In addition, I put in a work-around for the comments section going to the wrong URL for login, and it will now allow you to login.  Unfortunately, it takes you to your profile admin rather than back to the comments.  I have sent an email to the theme authors, but there is no guarantee they will change it.  Meanwhile, I suppose I could learn PHP. 🙂

Today’s news is that the G8 is now the G7.  Russia has been partially shut out in international affairs.  The question, of course, is whether or not it will be enough.  Will anything actually be done to weaken Russia or even make it cave just a little?

In reality, I just don’t know.  However, even if the actions of the international community does not weaken Russia, I still don’t believe they will rise up enough to actually lead the kings of the east.

That is, until after Christ returns.

Ezekiel 38 portrays a prophecy about Gog, Magog, Tubal and in particular Meshech.  As I wrote before in “The Kings of the East in Bible Prophecy and China’s and Japan’s Roles“:

So far, I’ve barely mentioned Russia.  I have a feeling that Russia participates but holds back, at least just enough, during this phase of the invasion by the kings of the East.

I then quote an old UCG Bible Commentary that identifies Magog possibly as Scythians who settled in Russia and China.  These are “Eastern-ranging Scythians”, different than the western groups.  The term “Mongol” is likely a corruption of Magog.  Rosh and Meshech are often associated with Magog, and Rosh is the root for Russia, while Mesheck is the root for Moscow.  “Rosh” can also be translated “blonde”.  These are obviously not predominantly Chinese.

It appears that Russia is the main party in this Ezekiel 38 prophecy.  Why would that be?  I believe that they are smart enough to not engage as fully as the rest when the world’s armies gather at Armageddon.  I don’t mean they won’t be there, but it will not be a full-on thrust.  They will hold back somewhat in reserve in order to gain power later.

Rather than the utter destruction instilling fear into them, having the strongest (physical) forces left on the planet will apparently embolden them.  Perhaps they will fool themselves into thinking that Christ has exhausted his military, and now is their chance to rule over all.  They will calculate their moves like a master chess player, but, unfortunately for them, they will be up against The Master chess player of all time.



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