Russia Showing Force in Ukraine


Ukraine (orange) in comparison to Russia (green), click on image to enlarge
Image by Aris Katsaris, used under CCA-SA license

Reports are funnelling in that Russia has sent unmarked military soldiers and vehicles in to take over two airports, purportedly in order to protect their military interests and assets there that date back to the days of the Soviet Union.  President Barack “Obama ‘deeply concerned,’ warns Russia against any military intervention in Ukraine“.

Earlier today, ABC News ran “5 Possible Outcomes for Unrest in Ukraine“.  In reality, I’m thinking it might be at best a combination of options 1 and 2.  That is, Crimea, who is sympathetic and heavily allied with Russia, secedes but with help from the Russians.

Of course, time will tell.  One thing that is clear, though, is that Europe and Asia will maintain a certain distinction not only in geography but politically (some might argue it is all political because the divide is totally political to begin with, but I’m not going to argue for or against that here).

The Bible is clear that three major powers will dominate at the time of the end, but it will be a time of Great Tribulation.  Those powers will be 1. the King of the North, aka the “Beast power” of Revelation, who rules Europe, 2. the King of the South, centered in the Middle East and possibly headed up by someone from Egypt, and 3. the “kings of the east”, plural, indicating a looser coalition of rulers that won’t have a direct influence over the Middle East.

Meanwhile the unrest, demonstrations and “wars and rumors of wars” will continue and increase as we draw nearer to that time.

Just yesterday, Life Hope & Truth ran “Ukrainian Revolution and Increasing Global Unrest” that is related to this.  One snippet of it:

Concerning the unrest in Ukraine, Venezuela and Thailand, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams commented: “If you didn’t know better, you’d think something larger was at work here.”

And he’s right.



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