Arizona Gov Brewer Vetoes “Anti-Gay” Bill


Proof that Gov Brewer doesn’t always wag her finger at Presidents

Late yesterday, CNN reported “Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes controversial “anti-gay” bill“.  The piece acknowledged the sharp divide over this bill, to their credit.  Brewer called the bill too “broadly worded”, fearing that it might have unintended consequences.

She may well be right about that, as many pieces of legislation have gone awry.  For example, the “sequester” limited funds in such a way that “Sequester hits the honor guard at military funerals“.  We can argue all day about who was at fault in that particular instance, but it obviously took a very wrong turn somewhere.

However, she goes on to say: “”Religious liberty is a core American and Arizona value.”  Indeed it is!  It is even written in the Constitution.  She then in the very next sentence says: “So is non-discrimination.”  And here is where she is wrong.

The fact is that everyone discriminates, and it is the gay activists who are trying to institutionalize discrimination against Christian and other conservative values groups.  Christians are simply trying to re-affirm what the Constitution already provides them!  Gay activists are subverting the most important values laid down by our founding fathers by telling Christians they must not only be silent (freedom of speech) but also work against their moral values (freedom of religion).

As far as discrimination goes, society practices it all the time.  Society not only discriminates against ax murderers, but it throws them into jail.  Why?  Because what they do is morally reprehensible.  Society provides sanctions against the minor, like parking too long in a spot, all the way up.

There are only two documents that liberal minded people call “living documents”:  The Constitution and the Bible.  However, the former made it difficult to change on purpose, and they want to cirumvent that process entirely by installing activist judges who weaken the freedoms guaranteed us.  The latter, however, is not changeable.

For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.

Mal 3:6

God makes it quite clear that He doesn’t change, and that is to our benefit.  He created us, so He knows what is best for us, and Jesus made it clear that the pattern for marriage is one man and one woman, in spite of some of the patriarchs going against that pattern.  Even the OT decries divorce, and Jesus upheld the idea that sexual purity within the marriage was what was expected.

I keep asking myself, “What would have the outcomes of some of these court rulings that spurred this particular legislation have been if they had asked Muslims for photos or cakes for their ‘gay weddings’?”

I think you and I know the answer because the hypocrisy of the left is so open for view.  There are some that claim to be on the right, however, that will also engage in the exact same pandering in spite of their lip service to “family values”.  It’s all about votes, and the entire system is rife with corruption.

The real question, though, is if the bill was overly broad, then can there ever be a happy medium?  The answer is a loud “No!”  The gay activists will not allow it.  They, like many other such groups (NAACP, for example) do not want equality.  They are aiming for superiority by promoting discrimination in the other direction.

Gov Brewer, what about the discrimination against Christians?  Where does that fit into your ideal of government and society?



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