January Is a Month of Anniversaries of a Sort

Joseph Tkach, Sr VSHerbert W Armstrong

There are a couple of things that January is known for in the COG community.

The first is 16 January 1986, the death of Herbert W Armstrong.  He re-discovered many lost truths after his conversion, formed the Radio Church of God, which later became the Worldwide Church of God, and proclaimed the Gospel of the Kingdom of God rather than one simply about Christ and stopping short of the message He gave when He walked the earth.

The second anniversary is 7 January 1995, the day I consider the death of Worldwide Church of God.  At very least, it was a “Church of God” in name only for several years until finally changing their name to “Grace Communion International”.  On 7 January 1995, all congregations were told to show what later became known as the “Christmas Eve Sermon”.

On a side note, JWT Sr died on 23 September 1995, which is only 8 months and 16 days later.  Coincidence?  You decide.


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