America Is Lost, but not in Space (and Why Isn’t the News Media Covering This Better?)


From the premier of the TV show Lost in Space,
The travelers were placed into suspended animation before their flight

19 And I will break the pride of your power; and I will make your heaven as iron, and your earth as brass:

Lev 26:19

“Lost in space” was a term used prior to 1965, but the television show Lost in Space made it even more popular.  The premise of the show was that it was sabotaged by Dr Zachary Smith working for a foreign power that did not want the United States to be first in space colonization.

Originally, and the idiom still has this connotation, it meant one that wasn’t grounded on earth, and it was meant as a put-down of sorts.  It is similar to being lost in the weeds, but it is even worse because the one lost isn’t even on the earth, metaphorically speaking.

These days, sabotage isn’t required to not go to space, however.  We have more or less rolled over when it comes to space exploration, and in particular manned space flights, and we have allowed foreign governments to catch up.

Meanwhile, all of the country seems to be abuzz over Obamacare and Duck Dynasty.  News flash: Duck Dynasty is just a television show!  I’m amazed at the pundits and commentators that stretch the truth beyond imagination, and now all of the flap over whether or not the show will continue.  Have we as a nation turned inward or what?

There is a cottage industry in this country that survives by being offended.  Not a week passes by where someone isn’t offended by something silly.  Then, there is another cottage industry that takes offense at others being offended.  In the Duck Dynasty event, we have all sorts of people trotting out on one side or another, including amateur historian and all-round bad theologian Bill O’Reilly who can only comprehend the first part of a Bible verse he is quoting.

I don’t get A&E.  I don’t get reality TV.  I don’t particularly care what some celebrity thinks about morality or anything else.  Their job is to entertain, and as long as that is done in a decent manner, who cares?  Of course, the real problem is that they don’t even know what decent manner means when it comes to entertainment, let alone off the air.

Since 9/11/2001, I’d say we’ve become really inwardly focused as a nation, and I don’t mean in a good way.  Yeah, I know it’s always been that way somewhat, but I’d argue it’s become much, much worse, and particularly post 2007 when all of the financial upheavals started.

Meanwhile, how man have noticed that “Iran says it launched a second monkey into space“?  Or, how about “China’s Rover Rolls! Yutu Begins Moon Mission“?  While we have been busy gazing at our national navel, the rest of the world is moving forward!

“Break the pride of your power” means so much more than just military power!  Power comes in various forms, and one way the US was almost unique for a long time was in space travel.  That is no longer the case.

Yet, are people really asking, “Why?”

At this point, saying we were lost in space would be a compliment, but we have cut back on space exploration so much that we are lost even trying to get to space.




  1. Never seen more than a couple minutes of Duck Dynasty. We see this Kabuki dance all the time. Shock and outrage from the professional perpetually offended class and then shock and outrage from those claiming unfair media treatment. Don’t know how that is going to end and don’t really care.

    Meanwhile the country is burning down around us. Our president continues to make laws instead of administering them. China is no longer selling oil using the dollar but instead the Yuan. Our international prestige probably ranks lower than bird flu. We abandon our friends and appease our national enemies.

    Marx said that religion was the opium of the people. Today entertainment is the opium of the people as many are numbing their minds to the catastrophe happening right around them.

    • @Paul: I guess I’ve come to view politics as the new religion. After all, isn’t it eventual that Caesar becomes worshipped when all other gods have been shoved out of the way? The entertainers, however, have become the evangelists of this supposed NWO, and “news” anchors have become mere actors (“evangelists”) and part of this drama than reporters of it.

      It will end when Jesus returns to the earth. Even after America falls, there will be grievances, and a King of the South will rise up to voice those grievances in a dramatic way.

      Otherwise, I agree with you.

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