What Color Is the Universe? Give Thanks It Is Not Dull


Our perception of things is not always very accurate.  Take the color of the universe, for example.  Thinking of the vastness of space, I would have thought that it was predominantly black, but instead it is more of a “cosmic latte”.  This brings up several thoughts in my mind, including:

  • Would that be anywhere related to caramel latte?
  • The universe is full of variety, and designed to be a thing of beauty.  Only a vast intelligence could have created such beauty and wonder.
  • “Average” does not tell the whole story, average is not always best, nor is it nearly as appealing much of the time as we seem to believe it would be.
  • We are quite small in comparison, and it should humble us that the Creator would even give us a second thought.

Perhaps these are things to be thankful for.




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