Texas Abortion Restrictions Upheld for Now

The face of abortion

I was sent a link today from someone who was cautiously optimistic.  Unfortunately, I do not share that optimism, and I will soon enough show why.  The AP today reports that the “Supreme Court Refuses to Block Texas Abortion Law“.  Earlier this year, there was quite a debate, a filibuster and, let’s not forget, an active protest with participants yelling “Hail, Satan!” at the Texas legislature.

In reality, all of the protest against the Texas law proves how deficient the pro-abortion agenda is.  Abortion is supposed to be, after all, about making abortion legally available so women can “safely” avail themselves of one.  The Texas law does nothing more really than ensure that doctors performing abortions have admitting privileges in hospitals, something that even plastic surgeons are required to have.

Mind you, this really isn’t going to do very much to make it harder to get an abortion other than a longer drive and perhaps a longer waiting time.  Some clinics might have to close, temporarily, but sooner or later they will inevitably obtain the necessary admitting rights.  In fact, it sort of makes you wonder what all the fuss is about.  Wouldn’t you want your doctor, any doctor, to be properly accredited by the local hospital and be known in the system so he or she can quickly admit you and still have you under their direct care?

Yet, so-called “reproductive health rights” advocates (a misnomer, if I’ve ever heard one, seeing as being pregnant is not a disease) would have you believe that this is grossly unfair.  It’s being called an “antiquated” system that is obsolete by law because a hospital must admit you if you are sick or injured regardless of the status of your health care professional.

However, there is a 2003 regulation, according to the National Right to Life website article “Abortion doctors and admitting privileges – are clinics being treated unfairly?“, which states that:

“Physicians performing office-based surgery must have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, a transfer agreement with another physician who has admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, or maintain an emergency transfer agreement with a nearby hospital.”

This was signed off on by no less than 32 healthcare organizations, including ones like the American Academy of Dermatology.  I’ll wait while that one sinks in, especially when you consider what they normally do in comparison to any procedure as invasive as an abortion.

The NRL article goes on to make the case that it is the pro-abortion camp who wants different treatment, not the pro-life camp.  “… pro-choicers are actually trying to allow clinics to operate in a substandard way.”

After a summer of Kermit Gosnell and others who were on the fringe of that particular spotlight, you would think people would wise up at least a little bit.  Sadly, our legislators are already at work at making what Gosnell did legal!  Also today, in a LifeNews.com article “Senate Democrats’ Bill Would Invalidate Law Used to Prosecute Kermit Gosnell“, we read:

LifeNews has profiled the new bill Senate Democrats have put forward that would invalidate pro-life laws nationwide that either limit abortions or provide protection for women’s health.

But a new report suggests the legislation would go even further — by invalidating the very Pennsylvania state law used to prosecute notorious late-term abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell.

What Paul wrote about a reprobate mind proves itself true every day.  Once people begin turning away from God, even the knowledge they had turns corrupt and becomes foolishness and fables.  This is so very evident when someone says or writes, “Society has no right to intervene in this.  It isn’t your choice and never was.  If you don’t like abortion, then don’t have one!”  An apt comparison is that “Society has no right to stop a murder.  It is my choice and mine alone.  If you don’t like murder, then don’t commit one!”  Because, in the end, abortion is the taking of a human life, and that is murder.  That makes it society’s business.

We are destroying ourselves in so many ways that all of them cannot be counted.  However, by destroying the next generation, we are destroying not just ourselves but our future.

So, while the news about Texas is at least somewhat good, The Enemy is not resting.  At the end of the day, the pro-abortionists are not the enemy, but this is a spiritual warfare.  Prayer and fasting are the only tools that are effective in this battle.



  1. John, you said, “We are destroying ourselves in so many ways that all of them cannot be counted.” How absolutely true. From the murdering of the most innocent, to the euthanizing of the elderly and everything in between, like the legalization of pot and gay marriage, just to name a few — we have become a “society of death”. There are not enough tears to be shed, enough prayers to be uttered, nor enough meals to go without, to pay for all the atrocities we have committed — only the blood of our Savior will cover all of that — but if we have any desire at all to be with Him at His return, to help dry those eyes, heal the hearts and fill the souls of the Lost with hope, then we had better be shedding those tears now, growing callouses on our knees and feeling the hunger of a fast a little more often than once a year.