New Poll: “Sacrilegious”? Really?

There was an interesting comment on Bill O’Reilly this evening.  As you might be aware, he wrote Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever, Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot and has recently come out with a book simply titled Killing Jesus.  One viewer wrote in to say Bill O’Reilly was “sacrilegious” for using such a title.

Um, really?  After all, He did die, and He did not die by natural causes.  If Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy are not disrespectful, then why is Killing Jesus disrespectful?

Am I “out there” somewhere?  I’m putting up a new poll for everyone to participate in if they wish to answer.

I will repeat, just in case someone is new around here, I have no desire to read Killing Jesus, but that has nothing to do with the title.  Instead, it has to do with some of O’Reilly’s past comments about how the Bible is “allegory” and does not appear to take many things literally, even though that is not a justifiable method of reading certain texts.

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