Running Off the Cliff

America keeps facing more unique and more serious problems.  Western civilization in general is having significant problems, but when the largest superpower in the world trips, stumbles and cannot find its bearing, the impact is felt worldwide.  Unfortunately, some will celebrate rather than be appalled, for the only way they can believe they can be elevated is by tearing those above them down.

You ever notice how the targets of much of the violence symbolize the waning power?  Starting with 9/11, the targets were symbolic, but even lately.  Schools are recurring themes in much of the violence, and they  picture our youth, our very future.  New York is the financial capital of America.  Some would say the world, but London still is in many respects.  Our military is our strength, our might, and history shows that the military is the symbol of a nation’s power, whether for good or for evil.

Washington DC certainly has become the focal point of much of the news of late.  Problems there hit right at the head of the government.  Whether it is a financial/political squabble or a lunatic using her car as a weapon, it again shows how out of control things really are.

Not long ago, I discussed the differences between not just sheep and goats but between sheep and lemmings.  The mythology of the antics of the lemming blindly following its leaders off a cliff are exaggerated, at best, but the symbolism fits much of what we see in various factions following their political leaders today.

So, then, what is the real problem?  Is it a sociological problem?  Is it some mass hypnosis?  Is it even a political problem that can be solved by passing the right laws or electing the right individuals?

Actually, no, it is none of those things!

The problem is spiritual in nature.  People don’t know the right things to do because they have not been grounded in the truth of right and wrong!  In our arrogance, we westerners have become more secular and think we have all the answers.  Yet, the problems in the world and in our nations continue on.

Part of the problem is the spirit of competition.  God is love, and love is an unselfish outgoing concern for others.  If everyone practiced love, then cooperation would be the result.  It would be unthinkable to shut down the government if leaders selflessly governed, not caring for political posturing, leaving a legacy, making that next move, etc.

Which leads to all of the deceit involved.  God is a God of truth.  Truth is codified as one of the Ten Commandments.  God says He abhors lying.

But, what do I know?  It’s just what the Bible says.  That’s a problem, too, isn’t it?  So many simply do not believe their Bibles.  Atheists and agnostics shut their eyes to all of the evidence supporting the Bible, while taking much of it out of context in order to criticize it.  That’s not shocking, though.  Jesus was perfect, yet the Pharisees managed to find fault with Him anyhow.

Even so-called Christians don’t believe the Bible, either!  I remember when I was very young, some well meaning person gave me a “Bible”.  Actually, it was less than one-half a Bible, for it only contained the Psalms, Proverbs and New Testament.  They reason around Scriptures in order to destroy and make void about 2/3rds of the Bible!

17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

Mt 5:17-18

Christ said He did not come to destroy the Law, and no one will claim they are trying to destroy the Law in their words, but the effect is that is exactly what they are trying to do!  “The Law has been done away!”  Well, what’s the difference, then?  It either is, or it isn’t.  Again, the Pharisees managed to twist Christ’s words as well, but it should be obvious to anyone with the slightest sense of honesty that heaven and earth have not yet passed away.

It is important, for without taking the Old Testament seriously, it is far too easy to overlook passages like Deuteronomy 28, Leviticus 26 and others that outline in great detail what happens to a nation who forgets God.

19 And I will break the pride of your power;…

~ Lev 26:19a

I’ve always been fascinated by that verse.  It does not say He would break their power!  No, it says He would break the pride of their power.  It comes from ga’ownH1347.  It is very similar to the English word “pride”.  While it can mean arrogance, it can also mean “majesty”, “exaltation” or “excellence”.  God has greatness of “excellency”, ga’own (Ex 15:7).

Actually, He is talking to us.  We in the US and UK are the descendants of that group of people, and part of the curse for our ancestors’ continued disobedience was that the fullness of God’s promises upon Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through Joseph would not be fulfilled until the time of the end.

Actions and behavior have consequences.  Like Adam and Eve, we are given to choosing what is right and wrong in our own eyes.  However, God is Creator, and He knows what is best for everyone.  All other ways lead to destruction.

There really is a cause for every effect.  The cause is because we have chosen for ourselves the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Ironically, we think we can solve the problems created by doing this by picking from the very same tree!

12 There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

~ Pr 14:12

We can blow the dust off our Bibles and learn the way to eternal life in peace and joy, or we can continue to disregard it and come to the brink of destruction of all humanity.

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