The Real Labor Day

Fountain outside US Dept of Labor
Photo by Evrik from Washington DC

As I posted on my business blog, “Labor Day Is More Than Just a Day Off“.  It is a day of rest for many, and a day of recognition for the American worker.

The world is a turbulent place.  I am listening to a podcast about how a radical Muslim couple in the Middle East infiltrated and even became baptized into a church in order to spy upon the membership and plot the death of the pastor.  We take a lot for granted, don’t we?

When will the world be at rest?  The weekly Sabbath is a reminder that the days of the misrule of mankind is limited.  It pictures a time when the world will be at rest.

The holy days are a more extensive detailing of the plan of God.  Soon, the fall holy days will be upon us.  The Feast of Trumpets pictures the time when the last trump will be sounded, and Christ will return.  The Day of Atonement pictures the day that the sins will be placed upon the head of the author of sin, and he will be put away (not killed, but temporarily put away).  Then, the 7 day Feast of Tabernacles pictures the rule of Christ for 1,000 years.  That will truly be a time of peace and prosperity!

The rest that the world really needs is a resting from sin, from strife, from confusion and from suffering. That’s what the rule of Christ means.  That is what is pictured by these 7 days coming up.  Satan will not be able to influence humanity during that time.

Work will still take place, but it will be productive work as long as people obey.  No longer will drought, insects and mildew strike the fields of the righteous so that their work is in vain.  No longer will people have to look over their shoulder all the time to be on the lookout for thugs and corrupt police.  No longer will governments try to squeeze all of one’s earnings out of an industrious person in order to fill their own coffers and/or curry favor.  It will be productive and fulfilling work!

Not only that, but Christ’s return comes with recognition.  It comes with the bestowing of power and authority upon His saints.  They will have proven themselves capable of obedience, in some cases even to death.  They will have proven that their love for God and truth surpasses all other loves.

Justice, mercy, peace, health and prosperity: What more can this sin sick world ask for?  Well, if you put it together, you get: God’s love!

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