Various Flood Myths Throughout the World

Mount Ararat is where some believe Noah’s Ark is still resting today

There will always be skeptics, but it is quite difficult to totally dismiss an idea that is ubiquitous, in spite of different cultures, different religions and even when those cultures had no obvious contact with one another.  That’s why I find it fascinating that there are “Flood myths from around the world“, many of them with the commonalities of having a god seeking to wipe out humanity, a deity or oracle warning someone of this and the survival of humanity being made through building some type of vessel.

While secularists can try to come up with explanations for why such a large deluge scenario exists in so many cultures, in the end there is only the logical explanation that such an event actually occurred some time in the ancient world that affected all peoples everywhere.

Obviously, if the Bible is true, we know the source of those myths.

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