PCG Again Wrong About King of the South

COGWriter Dr Robert Thiel posted an excellent rebuttal to Gerald Flurry’s claim that Iran is the King of the South in "PCG, Iran is Not the King of the South".  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Iran is not south of Jerusalem or that it is Persian and not even part of the past King of the South.  Perhaps Iran will support the future King of the South, as it will likely be a confederation similar to the coming King of the North in Bible prophecy.  The way events are shaping up, though, even that confederation could be headed up by the ruler of Egypt, who was the King of the South in Daniel 11.  This is a possibility that even HWA began to doubt in his lifetime but recent events show just how unstable the Middle East actually is.

Thiel also wrote:

And I consider that Gerald Flurry is a false apostle and not God’s prophet. Nor have I ever considered that PCG is Philadelphian.  Of course, I do not consider any of those who have declared themselves apostles this century, thus far, are true apostles.

I would add that PCG is basically “anti-Philadelphian” proven by their doctrines of shunning their own families, including mothers and fathers, and their neglect of widows of even their own pastors.  Their top-down government with the “top” not being God or Christ but Gerald Flurry is very troubling, and the environment created within the congregations and even families concerned are very controlling and cold, according to many who have come out of PCG.  It is my honest opinion that they have many of the signs of a destructive cult and show very few signs of being a true Church of God in any sense of the phrase.

Anyone considering being associated with PCG should consider the many passages where God is depicted as a loving husband who was wronged and yet took back his wayward wife.  If nothing else, how does “God is love” reconcile to shunning your own family?

It seems Isa 58 is the theme for today.


  1. I never understood how some thought Iran to be King of the South since an elementary knowledge of geography and the bible would would disabuse that idea. Additionally Iran isn’t even of the same Arab stock, being Persian. Also the other middle eastern nations don’t trust and dislike them.