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Just a quick run-through in the COG blog universe.

COG Perspective (this blog)

So far, all comments about RSS feeds has been “Yes” to wanting a full feed.  I intend to make that change in a couple of days.

As far as the font issue goes, I’m confused.  The other day after someone commented on it, I could not change the text size in Internet Explorer.  However, today it works?  I didn’t change anything.

So, is anyone else having this issue?  Was it just a hiccup on the server?  Did a Microsoft patch fix something?

Instructions for overriding font sizes in Internet Explorer 8 can be found on

Instructions for overriding font sizes in Firefox can be found on mozillaZine.  I noticed that setting the “minimum font size” does the trick quickly and easily if you just want larger type.

Note: Changing any of these will affect other pages as well and may even affect the readability of some.

Shadows of WCG Next Generation

I see that “J” of Shadows has announced a “Change to Comment Policy”.  It’s pretty obvious he is agonizing over this, but it is inevitable, I suppose.

I do find it truly remarkable that there are people in the world who find it acceptable to break all the rules of netiquette (and, perhaps even the law).  There were rules for “discussion groups” even before there really was an Internet.  It was called “Usenet” back then (although, I sometimes refer disparagingly to it as “uselessnet”).  There are things you just plain don’t do.

If I invite you into my home for a cup of coffee, I don’t expect you to bring over paint and start splashing it on the walls.  It isn’t that likely you’ll find someone amendable to that, either.  Well, like my house has rules, so does my blog.  I suspect that J feels more or less the same.

It really is about respect.  You don’t have to be a Christian to show respect.

Inside United: Realtime

On Inside United: Realtime, the agenda for the 31 January to 1 February ministerial conference has been posted at “Agenda For Ministerial Conference Announced”.  Being naturally inquisitive, I posted a comment asking if it was going to be webcasted.  Going on past experience, it will probably be ignored or deleted within 48 hours.

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