RSS Feed: Short or Long?

I haven’t counted how many are using RSS, but if you are, I hope you’ll speak up.

I got a request to change the RSS feed from a short synopsis to the full article.  I’ll admit that I didn’t know it was set for “short”, so I must’ve changed it while trying to get something else to work.  I use RSS feeds for practically all blogs except my own 🙂 , so I am conscious of the usefulness of a full article feed.

So, the question is: Does anyone object to changing it to “long”?  Is there any real advantage to leaving it as “short”?


  1. No problems here … would prefer long – don't have to browse to link to read whole thing. Use google reader to keep track of my feeds.

  2. ditto

  3. Aye, I'd prefer long as well. Short RSS feeds are only a benefit if you want to draw people to the entry itself for a reason (tracking visitor numbers, for instance, et al)