Victor Kubik Recuperating

Victor Kubik seems to be doing better this morning, and he is out of ICU.


  1. Thankfully he wasn't in the hospital very long. I shudder to think what church leaders might have done.

  2. Regardless of what side of the fence we are on, what COG group we belong to, what issues divide us, we should be praying for one another. To wish ill on any minister, or to demonstrate a lack of compassion to someone who is huring shows a root of division, bitterness, and desire to get even for perceived or actual wrongs done to any of us, especially the flock who have been hurt the most. Nonetheless, let us pray for his quick recovery – as how many of us would like to be in his shoes?

  3. Anonymous wrote: "To wish ill on any minister…"

    I don't know of anyone doing that, and I would think that any real Christian would be praying for his recovery. If Jesus said to pray for your enemies, how much more should we pray for people who are not (and, no, for the record, I don't consider anyone left in UCG an enemy)?