Go To Your Brother Series

Well, this isn’t exactly sanctioned, so let’s see how long it lasts.  This is a very old “Compass Check” series done by the rebellious, radical rogue Clyde Kilough of all people. Smile  That in itself begs all sorts of questions, many of which I don’t have the answer to, but also probably answers some of the questions that have been asked.

At any rate, I thought it a good series at the time, and so I kept it on my hard drive rather than listening to it only once and deleting it.

1 – Go to Your Brother compassck03062006

2 – Go to Your Brother compassck03202006

3 – Go to Your Brother compassck03272006

4 – Go to Your Brother compassck04032006



  1. John D Carmack

    Obviously, Ed Szalankiewicz has put a lot of thought into this and has done well at writing with a high degree of objectivity.

    On the "Sabbath paper", though, I don't believe it is so cut-and-dried. Why was such a paper even allowed to be published in the first place is still beyond me. However, even after it was withdrawn and apologized for, some COE supporters took it upon themselves to support the paper anyhow. Note, I'm not saying they supported the intent of the paper, which apparently was to deflect criticism of the individuals in the middle of it all, but the actual logic used to do so. There is a mindset there that is troubling.

    He wrote: "The disagreement is NOT about Liberal vs. Conservative – it’s about the 'type' of governance in the church. One side favors an Old Testament hierarchical structure and the present council favors a New Testament 'congregational' approach."

    At one point, I thought perhaps this was what was going on as well. However, some of the COE's actions seem to be just the opposite of this. My first thought was that it would be an odd way to diffuse power if you are at first heavy-handed and wielding it. That thought made me realize perhaps this wasn't the real goal after all. I suppose time will tell.

  2. I'm betting the minister the accused Robin Webber of letting women teach in his congregation is wishing he had gone to his brother first. If he had he might not look so foolish today.

  3. John D Carmack

    Sometimes a little embarrassment goes a long way towards teaching us something, though. I know it has in my life.

  4. I thought this series was very well done when I first heard it. Maybe everyone needs to hear it again?!

  5. To me transparency verses privacy and Matt 18, going to your brother, are related. It seems too often members have not been told all the facts. This has a long history going back decades. John, your posting some time ago referring to Dr Ward’s “Ministry of Reconciliation” sermon goes into this issue.

    It seems to me that step 3 taking it to the church or congregation applies here. Matt 18 is all about relationship issues. The relationship breakdown was obviously dealt with privately first, now it is open knowledge for all to see. To me step 3 should have been applied. In a sort of way, in practice, it has gone to the congregation anyway to make a decision as many people are voting with their feet.

    Unfortunately we all only know parts of the issue. Too often ministers have considered members too immature to be able to digest facts and make decisions for themselves from the facts. To assist people in making the right decision or best decision for their circumstance, they should be in possession of all the facts.

  6. John D Carmack

    BureauCat wrote: "Too often ministers have considered members too immature to be able to digest facts and make decisions for themselves from the facts."

    That is definitely one cause of many problems we have experienced over the years. So, when an event like this comes along, the members downright cannot exercise discernment properly.