More UCG Resignations

The UCG Current Crisis has an updated list of ministerial resignations, including Larry Lambert.  See “Individuals who have resigned or been removed from their positions in the last year”.

I hereby nominate UCG for the most resignations the decade of 2001 – 2010.


  1. I've never been to a Winter Family Weekend — but I can't help wondering what the atmosphere will be like there, over the next few days.

    For some, it's a bit like the Feast of Tabernacles. Only this year, it might be more difficult for people to "warm up."

  2. Speaking of resignations–there are even more now and another new COG corprate structure has emerged. COGaWA–(a Worldwide Association)– the Domain/url seems to have been obtained by Richard Thompson sometime in Nov.2010.
    Remains to be seen what will develope from this.

    Anony Jon

  3. I was told this weekend UCG in Atlanta is "split down the middle" — half with UCG, half going to CGWA with Pastor Bruce Gore.

    The other part of his circuit in Northeast Georgia (Jefferson) has almost completely broken away.