More UCG Ministers Resign

Facebook UWS site reports are that Roger West, Roy Demarest and Clyde Kilough have resigned today.  Previously, Demarest was suspended.

I assume West’s resignation letter will eventually be posted at the AC site under the new Resignation Letters heading.


  1. Sad news. So I really do have the "money shot" from the 2010 Feast — Dennis Luker and Clyde Kilough standing side by side at the lecturn, at the start of a seniors' Sabbath brunch in Daytona Beach.

    They didn't call each other names, push, shove or anything.

  2. Richard: Did they do the "rabbit ears"?

    Ok that was probably a little cheeky …

    This is all getting very tiresome. It is another sad chapter in the history of the church of God. Lived through '95.

    When are we gonna check our egoes at the door, refuse the idea of lordship – both directions – and come to the conclusion that we are to be one another's servants in love? We really need to get past the politics, jockeying for position, and shady backroom deals.

    Phooey. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  3. Then I'm not sure I should mention the Beyond Today program topic for this week: "God's Love Language."

    AS you may recall, Chairman Rhodes said in the 2010 Feast video this year was a test for UCG in learning how to apply that second great commandment — "love your neighbor as yourself."

    By and large, I think Church of God groups have learned toward applying the James Dobson book title: "Love Must Be Tough."

    Thus we've seen in recent weeks that love means drawing a line in the sand — choose ye this day whom you shall serve, stop halting between two opinions, etc.

  4. Add to the list Richard Thompson.

  5. and Mr. Doug Horchak, December 2010, resigned from UCG ministry