Greg Sargent, Roy Demarest Suspended & UCG Current Crisis

According to James Malm’s site, Greg Sargent was suspended, probably today.  Some of you in Cleveland would want to know this.  It sounds like he will be going on his own.

It appears I need to just update Google alerts to a more generic search as Malm also reports that Roy Demarest, apparently of Orlando, was suspended.

While trying to verify the above, I was greeted with a login page on UCG Current Crisis.  At first, I thought perhaps it was the manner in which I hit the page, but even access at the root level brings up a Sign In page.  It appears the home page will be shut down until after the Sabbath.

In other news, over 451 people have “signed” in support of the Open Letter.


  1. The "Abigail Cartwright" site is now available. Curious as to your reference to Cleveland. Greg Sargent is in Kansas City.

  2. Thanks for the info. Greg Sargent was once pastor in Cleveland West, and he still has friends here.

  3. As you know, Mr. Sargent was on "the list" and I was told by a previous council member that he was at a point of being fired or he could avoid that by resigning.
    His letter said he was asked to resign– Many are beginning to see just how wretched this new "leadership" (If you can call it that) really is! Satan is once agian being allowed to divide more brethren—the sifting goes on!

    I know members must be asking themselves what to do–Seeing the handwriting on the wall–some are deciding to distance themselves from UCG by dropping any membership status with UCG–others just going elswhere or staying home.
    Same as with WCG–it seems that true Christians are becoming a smaller and smaller group. God is allowing those who were so smug in their "better form of governance"– with its checks and balances– to see how easy it was to become corrupted. Hope all will take note and rethink the "voting" and governing as man does, under the influence of Satan, seeing where it leads.

    Anony Jon