Why I Cannot Be a UCG “Dove”

Frankly, there are many things that turn me off about the current UCG leadership.  However, the overarching concern I have is they and their supporters have not shown a great deal of integrity.  Unfortunately, that includes doctrinal integrity as well.

Take Arctic Circle Guy, for example.  He has posted yet another travesty that lacks sound doctrine, the worst being:

I.e., Relatives of a Council member privately determined to let their employees cover for them in a few Sabbath and holy day situations that arise each year. “Concerns” were circulated world-wide about the integrity of the Council member and have grown to include “concerns” about all 10 of the Council members and the president. Yet, no outrage is aimed at non-Council related members who themselves work on those 19-minutes of Sabbath time in Chile, nor for countless U.S. members who earn overtime pay when called up for medical duty on the Sabbath, nor for those U.S. members whose employees tend thousands of head of cattle on the Sabbath. At issue: 1 to 10 Council seats and office of the president

I submit to you that anyone who cannot tell the difference between medical emergencies and other duties that are not rare and life-threatening medical events is not a man fit to lead.  I choose rather to follow men of God, and the outrage is because of perceived approval of acts that violate the spirit of the Sabbath and established doctrine.  The “Sabbath paper” reinforced that idea, and I wonder who had a hand in writing that?  In fact, all of your writings reinforce the idea of watering down the Sabbath?  Coincidence?

Consequently, I am giving notice that any member I serve who engages in spreading these blatantly insubordinate so-called “concerns” (i.e., gossipy misinformation) to others will be required to take some time off from attending church until he or she can work through their distrust of Church leadership….

I have said it before, and I will say it again, trust is earned.  That’s not just in the world, and not in the Church as well, but it is especially true in the Church.

As far as sources, I am using your own words to point out why I do not trust you, Mr Arctic Circle Guy.  Your posts represent everything that is wrong with the current UCG leadership.

And as far as submission goes,  I’m sure Lucifer used the arguments that God placed him in charge and therefore all the angels should obey him as well.


  1. John, I notice a change in the tone of your blogs. Once you appeared balanced, seeing error on both sides. Now I perceive a move towards one side. One way to deceive is to adopt underdog status and then get sympathy and support this way.

    That being said, I agree with many of your concerns. In particular, the quote from John Elliot basically attempting to stop discussion smacks of dictatorship and control. What Elliot does not appear to understand is that in the absence of open and frank communication rumor will occur? A circuit breaker is needed. As Dr Ward has advocated, an open public conference would enable all sides to be heard by all of us. This would expose the real attitudes for all to see. Ironically Elliot quotes Matt 18 but fails to see that it says where brothers cannot get along the ultimate solution is to take it to the entire church, which such a conference could achieve.

    Some say Acts 15 was just about circumcision. I would argue that it was also about dealing with disputes and applying the Matt 18 principle. Why the COE cannot see this is beyond me. I know it may not produce reconciliation, but as least by letting all sides be heard, then us members can see for ourselves, not through the spin of both sides. Or have they something hide?

  2. @BureauCat: I'm not saying that there aren't errors on both sides. However, when there is a constant refusal to listen to any criticism whatsoever, to listen to concerns of others, the deliberate attempts at shutting down those with different viewpoints (via suspension or firing if necessary), the barrage of messages of "we are in charge, so submit even if we are wrong", not to mention the constant beating up of people's belief in the Sabbath, then it starts to become very evident where most of the problem is.

  3. UCG writer Jerold Aust's website currently includes a series of "awesome quotes about leadership."

    I'm struck by #27: "You don't lead by hitting people over the head. That's assault, not leadership." – Dwight D. Eisenhower