3 New GCE Documents

UCG Current Crisis has posted at “New Documents from the GCE” three documents written by the authors of the latest petition to the President of UCG, Dennis Luker.  They go into great detail the number of times members of the previous administration and a few other elders have attempted to resolve differences with the current COE.  They explain finally the why behind some of the key resignations.

Basically, the current UCG leadership has opted to slander, ridicule and denigrate its opposition while claiming that is what is being done to them.  It finally comes out that it has been a bunch of lies the current leadership has been spewing from the beginning of gaining a foothold within the COE.  While none of the old guard are perfect examples of righteousness, like the rest of us, it does show they have made a good faith effort to work within UCG to turn events around, while the COE has given them the cold shoulder.

When Dennis Luker says it is about “power and control”, he is right, you know.  It is all about the current leadership exerting its power and control and killing off any dissent.  It is obvious that they are not interested in reconciliation.  They are only interested in complete and utter submission – to themselves!  It seems that there will be no reconciliation while they are in charge.  Just like Rehoboam listened to his drinking buddies, Luker will follow the advice of a spiritually drunk COE and ensure that UCG is split into two parts.


  1. Those letters will force the hand of the administration. They are no longer petitioning the admin and coe but have gone to direct communication to the membership. That will be looked at as unauthorized insubordinate communication and attempt to build a following.

    I wouldn't be surprised if right now phone calls aren't being made to the signers to see if they are willing to recant. If not they will likely be fired or suspended.

    It's one thing to petition the council, it's another to direct something directly to the membership. That crosses a line that won't be tolerated.

    I don't think the admin and coe have much choice in the next move of this sad game.

  2. True … the ball is in the COEs court and I am sure the next move will be an attempted slam dunk on the signers.

    They certainly won't lay down the ball and forfeit of the game.

    This is about to get uuuuggglllyyy. The kid gloves have come off.

  3. Did the ministers who signed the earlier "private" appeals to Cincinnati really think they would remain secret? Considering "UCG Current Crisis" was already up and running, acting as a church version of WikiLeaks?

    They seem to claim as such in the open letter to President Luker. But if that's what they thought, they're either incredibly naive or…. or…. well, you finish it….

  4. Of course they knew they would be made public. In fact they counted on it to get the ball rolling but at least by addressing them to the council they could claim they were meant to be private.

    In fact it's likely "Abigail" is one of them or a close relative with direct access to the info.