UCG’s 9 December Postings

UCG posted 3 articles today on Inside United: Realtime dealing with the ongoing situation in UCG.  Two of the articles deal directly with the situation in Latin America.  Some of these had not been officially disclosed previously, although a couple of them were leaked to me and posted earlier, but certainly not all.  They are a good read to get the gist of how the COE views the current situation.

I will say this about the latest letters.  They seem a lot milder and less accusatory in nature than many of the previous correspondence.  For example, I searched for “rebel”, “slander” and even “libel” and found no hits on the current page.  I then looked for “submit” and only found hits for submitting letters of resignations and for submitting resolutions.  Is this a sign of a change in mood for the COE?  Only time can tell, I suppose.

Well, I’m going to get neither too jubilant nor too optimistic.  After all, last time I did that, a certain pastor posted more about Arctic Circles, and I don’t want to have to endure that again.


  1. They never bring up the Antarctic Circle, do they? And researchers actually live and work there. 🙂

  2. No, but he did bring up outer space at one point.

  3. Hmm….how many hits for "wolves"?