The Appearance of Impropriety According to Seth

Well, the pounding of snow has seriously impacted several things on my plate this week, but I think I’m getting caught up in some areas.  However, next week is looking like it might be even worse.

I don’t want this week to close out [the week] without sharing a link with you, though.  I have written more times than I can remember about how appearances can mean a lot, especially if you are in charge.  Furthermore, I have written even more times than that about how leadership, true leadership, servant leadership, takes responsibility for what’s occurring because the simple fact is that you cannot delegate responsibility.  Period.

If something looks bad, then, it is the responsibility of those in charge to either fix it or at least deal with it.  Even if things aren’t how it looks, true leadership will meet it head on.

Keeping that in mind, I’ll let you read Seth Godin’s post “The appearance of impropriety”.

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  1. I love Seth Godin, and I love this post.