Pearl Harbor Day

When I was growing up, I used to ponder the significance of Pearl Harbor Day.  Frankly, the schools at the time didn’t do much to reinforce the meaning of it.  From what I’ve observed, it has gotten much worse.

These days, the politically correct, postmodern thought seems to preclude people from even stating that Hitler, his regime, his war and his allies were forces of great evil.  Instead, every opportunity to put down the western world and its culture is used.  “US Imperialism” used to be a slogan of the communist propagandists, terrorists or nut cases.  These days, it is more taught as a “fact” that western Europe came to America to spread their empires, and then in modern times the US has been the colonizing aggressor.

The fact has always been that the US has been the reluctant superpower.  It may even be that fact that helps to lead to its eventual downfall.

Too often, it has been viewed as success by hard work, sacrifice and the dreams of justice and equality.  Those are important things, no doubt.  However, the blessings of God are also a necessary ingredient in this recipe.

Abraham was promised that all the nations of the world would be blessed through his descendants.  Physically, that has been the case.  Unfortunately, the decline of the US and Great Britain will mean another evil empire coming on the scene.  The US and Great Britain will no longer be powerful enough to stop it.

However, another descendant of Abraham will be.  No, it won’t be from amongst the Muslims, either.  It will be The Descendant, The Seed, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


  1. I saw this posted on the Resolving Issues Facebook site. He's saying essentially the same thing on the topic of reconciliation that he has for the going on 30 years I've heard him on the topic. It would be amusing if it weren't so pathetic to see a couple of the comments by people there (at least one of whom can't ever seem to get along with someone of a differing opnion) belittling his call.

    It's not a good sign when 3 council members, who to my knowledge have never had a history of being troublemakers, come to the conclusion they can not work with the present council.

    That screams problems.

    In a marriage if there is a marriage threatening problem and one side refuses to address it and dismisses it's importance, the marriage is essentially over.

    I'm afraid it's all over but the shouting now.

  2. meant to post that on the Dr Ward thread. oops