IAO Expanding Charter

Yesterday, AC posted on UCG Current Crisis the article “Expansion of International Ambassador Outreach Mission”.  In short, it will now be a channel for providing financial backing for organizations in the US as well as internationally.

The actual IAO site is http://IAOutreach.org.

Standard disclaimers all around.


  1. Has anyone really checked into this IAO?
    It says it is not a Church nor does it intend to become one–but i know many send tithes to it–some have told me directly.
    I thought the Bible indicated the tithes were to go to the COG for the purpose of preaching the Gospel and servicing the flock?
    Should these ministers allow themselves to get sucked into an organization that is not a COG and does not have provisions to preach the Gospel? just some questions that have crossed my mind about this.
    It is possible that what we are seeing happen is that there will be many more little independent groups with no real means to get any work done on a globals cale and I am sure that is what Satan is after.
    anony Jon

  2. I know they are a 501(3)(c) organization. Other than that, I cannot really say. I have an aversion to giving money where I don't know who all is involved.

    I understand your reasoning, but let me just play the other side, if you will: They are not a church, but they are financing congregations to proclaim the Gospel and feed the flock. It's no different than giving it to some corporate headquarters who will do the same thing.

    I have myself questioned in the past if God really wants a megachurch. Throughout history, God's people have been scattered to the four winds, but they always take the message with them wherever they go.

    Having said that, I would be careful about investigating any unknown entity to ensure they really are doing what they say they are doing before giving over your tithes to them.

    That's general advice, BTW. If you have already done your due diligence, then that's between you and God.

  3. Translation: If you're jumping the ship, jump over here. 🙂

  4. I see Thiel didn't waste any time plugging for LCG, either. ;->

  5. John,
    Where did you find any evidence that the IAO IS putting anything into preaching the Gospel? I have not read anything about that-nor have I saw any evidence that Leon Walker has made an effort to reach the world with that message.
    What have I missed? Are you suggesting that a true Christian not be any more diligent than to just send their tithes to any work that claims to preach the Gospel and never really check to see if it is true? I know several who seem to be doing that–but isn't that kind of like throwing your tithes into the air and God will just take what He wants and what comes back down you can send where ever?

    As for Thiel's comments about LCG–it is obvious to those who have their eyes open that he is biased–they do preach the truth for the most part but LCG's leader cannot even seem to tell what the Gospel of Christ is anymore–making sveral misleading statements about. do your home work before going there–read their statement of beliefs–because-depending on where you are–you won't be there long if you begin to ask ministers questions. Many have been cast out who have. I speak from experience. Some of those ministers are also corrupt.
    anony Jon

  6. @Anonymous: Please take a deep breath and re-read what I wrote. IAO is just a financing channel.

    In fact, I was saying almost the exact opposite of what it seems you think I wrote. I said: "I would be careful about investigating any unknown entity to ensure they really are doing what they say they are doing before giving over your tithes to them."

    That's one reason why I do not, at least at this point in time, send them any money. They are still an unknown to me, and they probably will remain so unless other priorities change. Perhaps someone has investigated them more than I have had time to. If so, I'm not going to condemn them for it.

  7. Personally, I have sent tithes to IAO to help the congregations, the recent post about assisting elders who are out of employement by a COG has me wondering.
    By the way, I am self employed, If I loose work, I have to scurry and try and find new work, to make ends meet, so……..

  8. The IAO was formed originally to provide assistance to LA because their funding was pulled and some knew there would be a need for financial assistance to LA prior to and for the Feast Days. As far as the news of IAO's expanded role, I guess being related to a minister or being a minister makes you have a vested interest in providing financial resources to ministers who have resigned or been forced to resign. I thought IAO was going to be a temporary aid but it looks like wherever there is money there will always be need–that and the sheering of UCG has not abated.
    TITHING RECOMMENDATION: send your money where you believe God's work is being done.