Unofficial Unscientific UCG Sabbath Sermon Poll

Even I have to admit I’m surprised at the results of the Sabbath poll.

Should Dennis Luker give a sermon specific to *practical* applications and challenges on keeping the Sabbath?

Yes, it is past due = 47%

Might be interesting = 9%

*Yawn* = 18%

There is nothing he can say that would be of interest to me = 25%

Respondents = 44

It shouldn’t go without saying that a sizable number want such a sermon.

I am surprised, even with such a small sampling, that a full 25% wouldn’t be interested in anything he had to say on the subject.

OK, granted.  This is by no means a scientific survey.  However, this does back up what I’ve been saying all along: The UCG leadership has a credibility problem.  It appears to be getting worse instead of better.

So, why don’t they get it?


  1. Another question such a small poll can bring up. Why do 47% of the respondants want to hear a sermon by Denny specifically on practical applications and challenges on keeping the Sabbath?

    I imagine the answers would vary somewhat.

    Now if it is just to specifically hear about practical applications and challenges, then that can be helpful. But if it has more to do with establishing credibilty, then that would not necessarily solve anything.

    There are many ways to spin an issue around a any man when it comes to 'do as he says, don't do as he does'.

  2. @Norbert: In a way, you answered your own question — as it pertains to me, anyhow. I want to hear from the horse's mouth whether it is spin or real. Right now, it is so vague that it is hard not to see it as spin. We've been told before "we are not changing doctrine". It's been shown in a very real way that carries no weight. No, give me real world (not Arctic Circle junk) examples of the principles in action behind keeping the Sabbath.