Don’t Worry, UCG, Be Happy

I saw this link on Facebook’s UCG United We Stand page, and I couldn’t resist reposting it here. I have previously mentioned groupthink and how it can affect us. About 3:25, the video clip starts getting very interesting. There certainly are lessons for many aspects of life, and it is shocking when you really consider just how much "positive thinking" ideology really affects all of us.  Will this be part of the downfall of UCG just like it was at Countrywide Mortgage?  Lehman Brothers?  Wall Street?  Is it due for a reality check of that magnitude?



    I like the points this video makes (except for its obvious liberal/left-wing/socialist bias that comes out towards the end).

    As I listened to this I could not help but think of one of the latest sermons by Mr. Luker in which he emphasizes over and over that Jesus Christ is the head of the Church and everything is under His control, so everything will work out for good. It is certainly true that Christ is the head of the Church, but to focus on that only and nothing else can get in the way of a focus we should also have on our responsibility to make right choices according to God's instructions in the Bible.

    There are certainly examples of this kind of thinking in other Churches of God also, but Mr. Luker's sermon came to mind because I just listened to it over the weekend.