COG Perspective Hits 3 Digit Daily Average

I almost fell out of my chair this morning.

I get a weekly report of the number of views and pages for that week.  I was thrilled about a year ago when it hit a whopping 23 average views per day.  A few weeks ago, I assumed that 97 views per day is about as good as it gets.

This morning, I open up the email and see 277 average views per day!

I had seen signs that people were starting to notice this blog.  Some of those I prefer not to state.  I think the explosion in readership really reflects upon the very real concerns what’s going on in UCG more than my abilities.  Reporting on COG organizations wasn’t intended to be the main focus, but I’ll admit that there was a needed counterbalance to other already existing blogs at the time.  Of course, there was no way I could have predicted in 2007 (then a very private blog) that my postings of my thoughts and reflections on Biblical topics would have become this.

Since this is a week of giving thanks, I am thankful for my health, the ability and time to be able to devote to this little project and for readers who are thoughtful, insightful and challenge my thinking in a positive way.



    My blog has also been getting a large number of daily hits. It seems to have jumped since just after the Feast. I think there is a hunger for news, information, and opinion about what is going on in the Church of God right now, especially in UCG.