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Yesterday, I received the latest Legacy Letter, a newsletter put out by Leon Sexton of Legacy Institute.  He begins by explaining how the intent of Thanksgiving was for the Pilgrims “to THANK GOD” (emphasis his) for delivering them and their little ones from oppression and helping them to survive in this new land.

He goes on to compare their trials and troubles to our current trials and troubles and how the US is heading for an economic collapse.  He writes, “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or financial wizard to figure out the United States is in very deep trouble!”  About these troubles, he further writes:

One of the foremost reasons this is happening has everything to do with the Day of Thanksgiving. When a nation gives thanks to God, that nation is acknowledging that it is God Almighty who provides them with everything they have and intervenes when they are in trouble. By showing appreciation and thanksgiving, we demonstrate to Him that we know we are under Him and reliant upon Him. We show that we trust Him to continue to help provide for and protect us from enemies. Thanksgiving is an act of worship and an act of submission.

But there are those in America who do not want to acknowledge God, nor do they want to submit to Him. Instead, they are working overtime to destroy America and remove God from every part of society. And as our government continues more and more to remove God, He backs away. It was the late President Ronald Reagan who said: If we forget that we are one nation under God, we will be a nation gone under. How true his words!

Israel should have been an example to all of God’s great blessings.  Instead, it became an example of what happens when nations disobey God.

People like to mock God’s promises, unfortunately.   One of those promises was to Abraham.  God made a covenant with Abraham “and to his covenant descendants. The promises included great physical blessings and political power and independence. That covenant was passed to Isaac, then to Jacob, and finally to the two sons of Joseph, named Ephraim and Manasseh. The modern day descendants of these two boys are the nations of the British Commonwealth (including Australia and Canada) and the United States.”

What this means is that by rejecting God in all aspects of public and private life, Abraham’s descendants will repeat the same mistake that ancient Israel made and be taken over by war, disease and famine unless they repent and turn to God.

It is a simple formula. If you break a contract, the other party to that contract is under no obligation to keep his part.

If we break our covenant with God, the covenant will break us!

Sexton goes on to give the answer as to how we as a nation can avoid such a catastrophe.

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