It’s That Scary Time of Year

Not much to say today.  I’m already busy trying to keep the balls in the air.

I did turn on the news for a few minutes this morning, though.  I learned that you have up to one year to file for malpractice against your doctor.  I also learned that the White House pastry chef makes treats for trick-or-treaters that come to the White House on that night.  Apparently, Mr and Mrs Obama dressed up as the President and First Lady of the United States for the occasion.

However, nothing else was new.  If Halloween is the most frightening night of the year, then the second-most must be Election Day.  Actually, it might be the other way around.  Pardon my confusion, as it seems others have as well.  Sometimes people dress up as certain politicians on one day or the other.

There is one difference at lease: One holiday is known for candy.  The other is known for mud.

And, the mud is flying everywhere.  The problem is that if you wind up with two dirty candidates to choose from, then how do you choose?  Can one vote for “None of the above”?  Who is lying?  Is anyone telling the truth?  Do any of them know what they are doing?  Can any of them be trusted?

Unfortunately, it seems we have to have this sort of thing every few years or so.  Just when you think you can cop a break from it all, here it comes again.

I know.  It’s not a very subtle post, is it?

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