Anonymous Comments Turned On

After a few inquiries and some internal debate, I have decided to turn on the ability for anonymous comments.  After due consideration, the main reason I had it off to begin with isn’t really valid any longer.

Originally, comments were unmoderated, and so anonymous comments sounded like a spam magnet.  However, now that moderation is turned on, any spammed comments wouldn’t show until approved anyhow.  Also, Blogger has recently instituted some spam blocking that seems to be working for the most part.  I guess we will now see if it is really working or not. Smile

I reserve the right to turn it back off, however.

Perhaps a couple of you will now not be so reluctant to post comments now – hint, hint.


  1. Oh no — people hiding under the shadows of anonymity in the Church of God. What are they afraid of?

    Don't they know the fearful are bound for the lake of fire, based on Revelation 21:8?

    Don't they know God is watching every keystroke they make, and they'll have to answer for them before Jesus someday?

    Why live the life of a yellow-bellied coward?

  2. @"Anonymous": I knew I could count on you for a laugh! Too bad your writing style gives you away. 🙂

  3. It is not cowardice to remain anonymous in certain circumstances as timing can be everything in sensitive matters like those at present. Like most relationship issues, there is wrong on both sides. A person may not wish to be coloured with one side by someone taking a comment out of context.

    However I do agree that where specific allegations are made then the proof should be shown and the author identified. It is far too easy to blacken a person’s character by what amounts to gossip. Abigail Cartwright is fond of quoting elders letters to the council without mentioning names or proof. For example making allegations about Paul Kieffer sexual conduct, but not stating proof.

    Anonymous says why do it, yet I notice they have remained anonymous??? Is this not hypocritical?

  4. B.C.: Maybe Anonymous was trying to be humorous to make a point or two. I'm leaning toward that view.

    J.D.C: Sshhhhh! 🙂