Feast of Tabernacles Report in Latest Legacy Letter

Leon Sexton, head of Legacy Institute based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, has sent out the latest Legacy Letter.  It does not appear to be up on the Legacy website yet, but I’m sure it will soon be up at http://www.legacyinstitute.org/mainlegacyletters.htm.

One thing that was unusual about this report is that they not only had the usual difficulties with getting brethren out of the refugee camps for the Feast of Tabernacles, but they had difficulty getting people back to one of the camps.

We take so much for granted in the western civilizations.  We don’t have to deal with mud roads during the monsoon seasons, refugee camps and war zones.  It helps to have a reminder of how well we are blessed and to pray for others wherever they are in the world and the challenges that are unique to their location.

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