News Flash: World May not End in 2012!

According to report “‘End of the world’ delayed — by Mayan calendar”, the “GMT constant” used to calculate Mayan dates and translate them into Gregorian dates may not be as rock solid as once believed.  If that is the case, calculations for the actual end of the Mayan calendar may be off by as much as 100 years.

Of course, this is all rather silly anyhow given:

1. There is no proof that the Mayans believed in a calamity after the end of their calendar.

2. There is no proof that the Mayans didn’t simply get tired or just plain got a life and quit writing their calendar.

3. There is no proof that the Mayans had any special knowledge to predict the end of the world in any event.

In fact, the Bible records that the earth will not come to an end.  At some point in time still over 1,000 years from now, it will be transformed by fire into something else, but that’s about it.  The family of God will be spirit beings at that point, and so fire won’t hurt them anyhow.

It amazes me how people will buy into unproven superstitious speculation while the Bible had verifiable prophecies that have been fulfilled.  There are well over 100 prophecies fulfilled by Jesus Christ alone.  And yet, which source of divine revelation is the most marginalized?


  1. I was always amused by one cog writer who spent an inordinate amount of time on the Mayans. Like Christ told his disciples they wouldn't know when it was but somehow the pagan Mayans would get the inside scoop.

    Of course now this just means that the Mayan followers can be just like some of the date setters within the cog who end up continually adjusting their dates based on new calculations